This Weeks Stories | Week 7 2015 – Cruise Time!

Friday February 6 |

All packed and ready to head to the airport. These boys are so excited! Eight day Carnival Sunshine cruise, we’re gone for a total of ten days. This is going to be epic!

Packed and Ready to go on a Family Cruise

Saturday February 7 |

First things first. Guy’s Burger Joint. One of the main reasons we picked the Sunshine was because of this restaurant. Coda’s favorite Food Network chef is Guy Fieri, so we knew he would be pumped for this! And the burgers were actually really good.

First things first. Guy's Burger Joint

The boys loved the water slides on the boat. It was so awesome because the waterslides, sports square and mini golf were all together and they could just go do their thing while Zach and I read by the pool.

Carnival Sunshine waterslides | Three Thumbs Up

Sleeping aboard the Carnival Sunshine. Yes, five people can fit in one interior cabin. It is possible. And actually totally fine. We spent very little time in the cabin. There is so much fun to be had out on the boat!!

Carnival Sunshine sleeping for five | Yes it's possible

Sunday February 8 |

So many fun things for the kids.

Seuss at Sea.

Seuss at Sea | Carnival Sunshine

Mini golf.

Mini Golf | Carnival Sunshine

Waterslides and sports square.

Waterslide and sports square| Carnival Sunshine

Foosball on the Sports Square.

sports square| Carnival Sunshine

Monday February 9 |

They boys went to Camp Carnival almost every night after we fed them dinner (Guy’s Burgers and veggies from the buffet usually) and then Zach and I would hang out, relax, and eat dinner in the restaurant. It was nice. Tonight, we caught a little of the “dive-in” movie before heading to dinner. Later in the week, we skipped the nice dinner and all at at the buffet so we could watch Big Hero 6 under the stars in the middle of the ocean. It was awesome.

Dive in Theater | Carnival Sunshine



Tuesday February 10 |

Beach day in Aruba!

Beach Day | Aruba

Oliver’s first time at the beach! He loved it.

Beach Day | Aruba

Holden got some muscles at the beach.

Beach Day | Aruba

Suns out. Guns out.

Beach Day | Aruba


Wednesday February 11 |

Second stop. Curacao. We decided to hit up the aquarium so Oliver could see (and hopefully touch) the dolphins. We got there just in time for the dolphin show. Oliver loved it! He loves dolphins.

Curacao Dolphin Show

Each of the boys even got to kiss a dolphin. Which was awesome, because we really wanted to do the dolphin experience excursion but it was like $200 a person. We just grabbed a cab to the aquarium (I think it was like $10), aquarium admission was around $60 and then the dolphin kisses with photo were $20 each. SCORE! And it was definitely a highlight of the trip. Well worth the stop.

Curacao Dolphin Kisses

After the dolphins we watched the sea lion show. That was pretty awesome too. They brought the sea lion right down in front of you. We had great seats!!

Sea Lion Show

Starbucks stop on the way back to the beach.

Curacao Starbucks

Goodbye Curacao.

Welcome to Curacao

Even on vacation, homework must be done. We only pulled them out of school four days, but they still have homework. And they all have to do some writing about the trip.

Homework time, even on vacation

Thursday February 12 |

Pretty much everyone got sick on Thursday. The seas were rough. SO rough. I’ve been on two other cruises and have never had to take anything for motion sickness, but after this, I will always at least bring something. It was our one night we were going to try and have a nice dinner together. We all got dressed up. But, dinner didn’t even come out and Holden had to go back to the room (technically he didn’t make it much past the dining room before he got sick) so Zach left with Holden and Oliver. Coda seemed totally fine and ate up his meal. I took three bites and started to feel bad so I just waited for him to be done and we headed back to the room. (Thankfully I made it all the way to the room before I got sick.) It was a rough evening. We all went to sleep early. I bought some Bonine the next day and we all took it, just in case. Not another problem after that.

The day we all got sea sick

Before we all got sick, the boys got a picture with the captain. They thought that was pretty awesome!

Meeting the captain

Friday February 13 |

On our way to breakfast the pool deck was covered in towel animals. The boys thought that was so awesome! They really got a kick out of the towel animals.

Carnival Cruise Towel Animals

Last stop, Grand Turk. We didn’t venture out much in Grand Turk. We just headed off the boat and did the beach and pool thing. It was pretty awesome, right off the boat, they had beaches with chairs you could use and a really nice resort-style pool. The boys played in the sand (if you go here, veer left off the boat not right, the sand is better, unless you want quieter, then veer right), swam in the pool, Holden and Zach did the Flow Rider, and we even bought a $35 plate of nachos from Margaritaville. It was a great last stop.

Grand Turk | Carnival Cruise Ship

Holden did awesome on the Flow Rider. I think the big kids were impressed by his skills.:)

Grand Turk | FlowRider

He was pumped when he got up!

Grand Turk Flow Rider

Holden and Oliver got some Del Sol color changing shell necklaces for their souvenir.

Grand Turk

The Hasbro game show on the boat was so fun! Holden even got up on stage to play. He was so excited. Coda was super bummed he didn’t get on.

Hasbro Game Show on the Carnival Sunshine

After the game show, the boys went to Camp Carnival for pirate night while Zach and I had dinner together. We love Camp Carnival.

We love Camp Carnival

Saturday February 14 |

Seuss at Sea breakfast on the last day. It was $5 extra a person, but totally worth it. The room was super cute, the boys had fun with the characters and the food was yummy (better then the normal breakfasts, I think).

Seuss at Sea breakfast

Oliver dancing with Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Seuss at Sea breakfast

We went to the towel folding class and Coda got super into it. He even bought the book as his souvenir.

Towel folding class on Carnival cruise

Coda’s towel creations.

Towel folding class on Carnival cruise

I finished FOUR books on this vacation. So awesome!! I was on my last book, and I had borrowed it from the ships library, so I had to finish.


The boys loved Camp Carnival. They did so many fun things with them. Tonight they had a farewell, Valentines day celebration!

Camp Carnival

Sunday February 15 |

We decided to take an extra day in Florida so we didn’t have to rush off the boat and head straight to an airplane. I’m so glad we did. I spent a few hours doing laundry while our room was getting ready (later to learn that we had laundry IN our room, ugh!) and it was so worth it to not have it when we got home. Plus I got more reading done while Zach took the boys to play and swim.

laundry before we go home

It was so awesome to see our old neighbors again! So happy they could come visit us. These two were so happy to see each other.

best friends together again

They even played in the ocean even though it was freezing out, in my opinion.

last day at the beach

Swimming, beach, watching tv, pizza party with friends.

so happy to see old friends

Monday February 16 |

Headed home. Where should we go next?

Orlando Airport

Overall thoughts on the cruise |

I love the cruise for the family friendliness of it. It was nice to have some time to ourselves but also have a vacation with the kids. I totally felt like I had plenty of time to relax and enjoy myself as well as have fun with the boys. The length was perfect, more then 8 nights would be too much. I was sick of the food by the end. I also think more time on the boat and less stops was a good choice. The boys loved hanging out on the boat. They made friends, played with each other, it was awesome. The food on Carnival was ok, I wouldn’t say it was great, but it wasn’t bad. I preferred the restaurants to the buffets. Guys burgers were great for lunch and/or early dinner. They had a taco/ burrito place that had great breakfast burritos. The asian restaurant was open during lunch and served make your own noodle bowls that were really good too. Would I do it again? Maybe. I think if we did another cruise, we would try Disney, at least while the kids are young. Just to compare.

Zach thought it was a good vacation for families like ours. There was something for everyone. Kids club was nice because we got some alone time. But, don’t go for the food. The food was ok, but not great. He wants better dessert options! (I personally liked the chocolate melting cake.) Would he do it again? Not the same cruise again, he would check out Disney cruises. He wonders if Disney would have less of the partying/ drinking and be more family centered. (Our room was right under the dance club which bothered him, I could sleep through it.)

Thoughts on the next family vacation |

After going to Disney World in June and this cruise in February, we love vacationing with the boys. They are pretty fun to hang out with. Who would’ve known? Before the cruise was even over Zach and I were discussing next years vacation. We are kind of hoping to do this once a year now. We’re thinking one location (not a cruise, more of a resort). Somewhere beachy. Probably all-inclusive, because it was nice to not have to worry about budgeting food money and just let them eat whatever whenever. We also like easy flights. We don’t want to spend a big part of our vacation on an airplane or in a car.

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 11 2015

Monday March 9 |

We met with the nutritionist today. She seemed knowledgable and while we do eat pretty well, there were a few things I took away from it. The biggest being moving to mostly organic foods, watching out for GMO’s and switching to grass-fed beef products.

After our meeting at Brain Balance, I took Oliver to the Children’s Museum. He had so much fun and I got some reading done.

Denver Children's Museum
Denver Children's Museum

After Coda’s Brain Balance and Fun & Fitness class at the rec center, we came home and Oliver and Coda did some art while I cooked dinner. Coda worked on his vacation book. I love how his Aruba page turned out. He even did a self portrait of himself with a six pack.

Kids art work
Kids art work

Tuesday March 10 |

Holden can tie his shoes! He’s been tying them consistently for awhile now. So nice that he 100% get ready for the day now.

Shopping for soccer stuff. Holden and Oliver basically wear the same size and do not have games that overlap so they are sharing cleats and shin guards.

I took the student serve group to the fire station today to deliver the cookies they made. They were so nice (even though I hadn’t forewarned them that we were coming). They even gave the kids a tour.

AM/PM story with Ali Edwards

I participated in Ali’s 7am/7pm prompt today. I almost forgot, so my photos are not precisely at 7, but in the scheme of things, who cares. Close enough.

7AM: Zach wakes up every morning and gets the boys moving. Today, he made them scrambled eggs. Eggs have been their go-to for breakfast.

Healthy Breakfasts

7PM: Holden reading his school book. I’m so impressed with his reading. I don’t think I can say that enough. I was even stopped by both his teacher and the para telling me how much he has progressed. They saw him two years in a row so they have seen some major growth in him.

Kindergartner reading the bedtime story

Wednesday March 11 |

Zach headed back out of town for work.

Friday March 13 |

Zach got home this afternoon so we planned a family movie night after dinner. Zach grilled flank steak and fingerling potatoes. So yummy. Then we snuggled up in the basement and watched Beethoven. The boys loved it of course. Oliver was so cute, he would snuggle up with Penny when they were being mean to the dog in the movie. He’s such an animal lover.

Saturday March 14 |

First day of soccer. AND seriously a gorgeous day for it. Oliver started at 10:15am. It was so fun to watch him. He loves this game and he’s pretty good. His team is pretty good. I can’t wait to watch them as they get older. After Oliver’s game, we came home and ate lunch. Coda went over to Aaron’s house to ride bikes, play nerf and play Magic out for the afternoon. It was so nice out, we decided to bike ride. Holden, Oliver, and I headed out on our bikes and Zach met up with us after he dropped Coda off at Aaron’s house. I think Oliver is a little out of bike shape because he was struggling toward the end. First family ride of the year, 6 miles. I think we should come up with a family biking goal this year.

First Day of Soccer
First Day of Soccer

Coda went on a short run while we were watching Oliver’s game this morning. I’m going to try and get him to train all summer. 0.49 miles | 6:10.5 min #gocodago

I went to Whimsy to celebrate Andrea’s birthday. I’m such a talented painter. HAHA.

Sunday March 15 |

After church we met YaYa for some Red Robin and spring clothes shopping for the boys. Those boys are so spoiled. Things they love right now:

Coda – Brothers is his favorite store. Most of the clothes we got today and last fall are from there. They have the most perfect pair of jeans for him. He’s a tough kid to find jeans that fit well for. Too bad Brothers is going out of business.

Holden – Anything sports related. He likes to dress fancy too. Really, Holden will wear anything.

Oliver – He loves shirts with animals doing funny things. Most of these are found at Gymboree. This is one that he got today.

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 10 2015

Monday March 2 |

This is what real life looks like. Everything gets thrown on the tall table. School papers. Books. Mail. Junk Mail. Bills. Art work. Art supplies. Everything. Such a mess. I hope there is nothing important in there.

This is what real life looks like

Tuesday March 3 |

Stories inspired by Ali Edwards Story Kits AM/PM

Evening Routine (Holden & Oliver’s page)

After we clean up from dinner our new thing is to play a quick (or two or three) family game. Tonight Oliver picked Gobblet Gobblers (one of our new favorites from his birthday, it’s a lot like Tic-Tac-Toe but you can “eat” the other players pieces). Holden picked Moustache Smash (he always picks Moustache Smash, it’s his favorite game from his birthday, each player wears a mustache and then slams the mustache down on a card that matches shape or color). Tonight Coda only played Moustache Smash with us and didn’t pick a game because he wanted some Minecraft time. When he does pick, he usually picks Pyramix (a strategy game that he got for his birthday, I guess everyone gets that I like games instead of toys for the boys).

Moustache Smash | Family Game Night


After the boys are jammied, pottied, and teeth brushed it’s story time. We don’t fight too much during this part. They are usually pretty good when it comes to jammies and teeth brushing, especially if we get all that done before story time or game time. Some nights dad reads. Some nights mom reads. Some nights Holden has been reading. Even Oliver will read a short story to us before bed.

Bed Time Stories, Evening Routine | #craftyourstory

Clothes set out. All ready for the morning. Trying to make the morning routine a bit easier.

Setting Clothes out for the AM | Making life easier

Snuggle talks. I’ve been trying to slow down at bedtime lately. Bedtime can get super stressful and frustrating. So, instead of rushing it, I’ve been trying to start earlier and slow down. Hence the game time and story time and snuggle talks. I climb into bed with Ollie first. We chat. He’s been having a really hard time going to school every morning so this week I started asking him why he was excited for school the next day and we would talk about all of his school friends. So far, it’s worked. He’s gone to school easier and I don’t feel as stressed at bedtime. I have a snuggle talk with Holden too, of course. The talks are never that long. Just a quick chat about what they loved about their day, what they are looking forward to tomorrow.

Snuggle Talks Before Bed
A boy and his blanket

Every night Zach prays with each of them individually. He prays that they grow in their love for God, that they sleep well, and they grow big and strong for soccer/hockey (I bet you can’t guess which is for who). Some nights they boys pray.

Bedtime Prayers

Oliver, “Dear God. Thank you for this day. Keep us healthy. Thank you for our food. Keep our friends safe. Love each other. Amen.”

Holden, “Dear God. Thank you for this day. Thank you for my friends. Thank you for our family. Love each other. We pray this in Your sons name. Amen.”

I love to hear them pray. I love to watch Zach pray with them.

Ocean sounds to sleep to. Yes, we kept that rolling. They go to sleep so quick. Maybe it’s the slower bedtime routine. Maybe it’s the ocean sounds. Either way, I’ll take it.

Evening Routine (Coda’s page)

Coda has a similar routine to the little ones. Family game time. Jammies, brush teeth, get ready for bed. Every other night shower (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, usually). He reads until about 8:30pm and then Zach prays with him. Lights out.

Bedtime Prayers
Bedtime Reading

Wednesday March 4 |

First day of Brain Balance. Coda loved it. He thrives in these situations. Lately he’s been journaling a lot about his strategies that he uses when he gets overwhelmed or upset. You can see he’s trying so hard. We’re having less meltdowns at dinner time, he’s eating great. Almost anything I make. But, we are still having a few issues when he sets his mind on wanting to do something and we say no.

Thursday March 5 |

Last day of swimming lessons for Holden and Oliver. I love these swim lessons. I think we’re going to take a little break. Our plate is pretty full right now. Soccer starts next week and I just got the schedule. It’s pretty insane. Our Saturdays until May are GONE!

Coda doing his homework right after he gets home from school, listening to his Brain Balance music. He was so focused. He wrote so much in such a short amount of time. This never happens. Writing is normally such a struggle for us. I hope this lasts.

Homework time

Friday March 6 |

Holden and Oliver went to Skate City today after school with Jamie (Jack’s mom). She said they were good. And they said they had a blast. It was nice that she could do that because Coda had Brain Balance and social group today. After social group, Coda and I headed to Skate City to pick up Holden and Oliver. Then I dropped them off at the church for movie night. Holden and Oliver watched The Book of Life and Coda watched Alexander, the Horrible, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. They had quite the busy day today. I feel like my life lately has been sitting in waiting rooms a lot. Sitting. Listening. Reading. Sitting. Eavesdropping. Sitting.

Zach finished up his shoots in Steamboat and headed home a day early. So that was nice. He was home to help put the boys to bed.

Saturday March 7 |

Donuts for breakfast. I don’t know what it was, but I was totally craving a donut, and Zach was willing to go pick them up! After eating we did Coda’s Brain Balance exercises. He doesn’t fight or argue with doing them, so that’s nice. And then I wanted him to get his homework done, that he still fights on. But, it got done. Maybe not great, but it’s done. Aaron came over for a playdate today. They started the morning playing Magic, a game I know nothing about. Zach took Holden and Oliver to go play hockey. It’s almost 50. It feels so nice! I’m ready for summer.


After lunch, Zach took Aaron and Coda for a walk to the library. I walked Holden and Oliver to the tennis courts so they could play. It was a little windy, but they didn’t care. I read my book and they played until Zach and the boys started heading home.

Tennis Time

Sunday March 8 |

Gorgeous day today. It was in the 50’s! We woke up late, daylight savings and all. So we went to late church. After, we came home ate some lunch and then Coda worked on his vacation book. Zach was shooting something for A Precious Child. He does a lot of volunteer work with them, Girls Inc, and Habitat for Humanity. Since it was so nice out the boys and I went for a run. Well, they rode bikes. Well, Oliver rode his scooter since his bike tire was flat and the tire pump got left outside today and Penny chewed it.:(But, the run was nice. It was tough for Oliver on that little scooter of his. He made it though, 3.5 miles! Go Ollie Go.

Girl Scout Cookie time. I tried to order them online from my niece thinking they would ship them to me, but it doesn’t look like Girl Scouts is set up for online ordering yet, which seems crazy! So, Zach probably didn’t get as many boxes as he would have liked. He only got about eight.

Girl Scout Cookie Time

.   .   .   .   .

READING: My Cats an easy reader book that Holden brings home for him to read

LISTENING: Mommy reading a book.

WATCHING: Big Hero 6

MAKING: Cruise vacation book

FEELING: Happy, I mean ecstatic. Ecstatic means really, really happy.

PLANNING: Playing soccer.

LOVING: Mommy & Daddy

Oliver // Mar 8

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 9 2015

Monday February 23 |

Holden & Zach snowboard camp at Woodward. (I’ll have to get Zach & Holden to write something for me about this.)

Tuesday February 24 |

We took a tour of Brain Balance today. It’s interesting. We opted to schedule an assessment for Coda for tomorrow. The program is expensive. Like, really expensive. ($6200 to be exact for a 12 week, 36 – 1 hours sessions) It seems a little promising, but also, a little trendy. Not really sure what to think about it. The brain fascinates me though. So this program really intrigues me.

Wednesday February 25 |

Coda had his assessment today at Brain Balance. It was four hours long. After Oliver got out of school, we played some games while we waited for Coda to finish. Coda said that he really liked doing it. He said he did some workbook stuff, writing and math, and then some balance and workout stuff too. Zach and I have a meeting on Friday to discuss the results.

Brain Balance - Waiting Room

Big snow flakes today. It was so pretty. We definitely left during the wrong week to hit the beach, since it was in the 60’s when we were gone and since we’ve been home it’s been freezing and snowy! But, at least it’s pretty. The boys (mostly Coda) is hoping school gets called tomorrow. We’re supposed to get 5-8 more inches. The roads were already getting a little dicey when I picked them up from Wacky Wednesday. Awana even got cancelled due to weather.

Thursday February 26 |

Jeff Co and Denver both called it, but BVSD and Adams are still on and at regular time. Which I’m glad for because I need to get my final presentation completed for my class.

Oliver was really upset on the way to school because he had forgotten his black coat in the van and Zach had to leave early this morning for a shoot. When we got to school he was clearly upset so I let Mrs. Kim know what was up. I knew that he would be fine once I left, he always is. He loves school. When I picked him up Mrs. Kim told me that they worked on feelings. Each child recalled a different time when they felt a certain way; mad, happy, sad, etc… and then they each made a puppet. Oliver made a puppet about how he felt this morning and wrote “frustrated” on it. His teacher is so amazing. On our way home, I asked him how he felt now and he said, “Ecstatic! Which is SUPER happy!!”

Talking about feelings with preschoolers

From Zach: Tonight we rushed from swimming lessons at 3:45 to hockey at 4:30, on our way over to the game I was really reluctant to go. It was snowing like crazy, Ollie was cranky and I knew that Holden would only be able to play for just a few minutes. But Holden insisted. When we walked in he was just in time for the second period. We got him ready and he got out there ready to play. He was playing Left wing and after the face off his team mate started towards the goal with the puck. It got knocked away just passed holden, but he turned and got it just as everyone else started to skate the other way. He had a breakaway and handled the puck a few times to get it close enough and then shot hard. It went right past the goalie. No one stood a chance of stopping him. The best part was right after he turned and looked towards me and threw his fist in the air, and then instantly dropped to his knee and and started pumping his fist. Even through the cage on his helmet I could see his huge smile.

Roller Hockey - First Goal

Friday February 27 |

Went back to Brain Balance for Coda’s assessment results. We start on Wednesday.

After school I took the boys to Coda’s social group at Childrens and then rushed home to get ready for Shine. Zach was the processing lead. I worked the photo wall. It was crazy awesome! So many people. So many guests. So many volunteers. So much fun. One of my favorite parts was when a young woman that didn’t speak, but you could see the joy and excitement in her eyes and face when she saw her picture printed with some of the super heroes. It was so fun. Can’t wait to volunteer again next year.

Saturday February 28 |

Today we went to the CU Science Discover family event. The boys had so much fun. They built roller coasters, played with robots, experimented with catapults. They had a blast. Zach even suggested turning the Lego room into a STEM room where they could just build and experiment all the time.


Afterwards, we grabbed some Freddy’s for lunch and then dropped Coda off at his friend Aaron’s to learn the game Magic. We took the two littles to the mall to run some errands and hang out and then went back to Freddy’s for some “dirt and worms”. Coda had a lot of fun.

Sunday March 1 |

After church, we just mostly hung out at home. I did some grocery shopping. Hopefully more then some. I spent almost $200! Hoping we actually have food to eat this week.:)Zach had a newborn shoot. Coda went to play with Stephano. I helped Holden and Oliver start on their vacation books. Oliver even got to FaceTime with Ali.

Holden read a bedtime story to Oliver. He’s getting so good at reading. He’s reading a chapter book now. Such an awesome thing to watch. Oliver even ready a story before bed to Holden.

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 8 2015

Monday February 16 |

Travel day! Flew home to snow! SNOW. It was in the 60’s the entire time we were gone. Now it’s freezing. Brrr…. Kathy & Bart picked us up and we all went to Famous Daves for dinner. By the time we got home, we pretty much just went to bed. I think we were all in bed before 8pm.

Tuesday February 17 |

Spent the first day back at school in Coda’s classroom. Before we left on vacation, I told his teacher that I would spend the first day back in the classroom in hopes that would help make the transition back to the real world a bit easier. It went smoothly. Holden had a few issues, but overall it seemed to be a good day back at school.

Wednesday February 18 |

Boys were up early again today. Holden and Oliver played some floor hockey before school. Maybe we should just turn our basement into a big rec room. They would love that! Too bad the ceilings are so short, they could have a basketball hoop and all kinds of fun down there.

Coda got his expander out today. Two more weeks and he’ll get back braces. He said it was painless and super fast getting the expander out.

Thursday February 19 |

Monday I ran on the beach. Today I ran in snow.

Friday February 20 |

Today we split up and headed to the mountains for a ski weekend. Holden is doing a Woodward snowboarding camp on Monday, so Zach and Holden are staying up an extra night. Zach and Oliver drove up in the afternoon with the dogs and I brought Coda and Holden after they got out of school. Unfortunately, Zach left about 30 minutes too late and got stuck in stand-still traffic for two hours because of an accident. Luckily the dogs did ok and Oliver is a trooper. The boys and I didn’t get stuck in stand-still traffic but we did get stuck in slow moving traffic. We got to the accident site right after they had reopened it. Josh and Amelia drove up too. They didn’t seem to run into any traffic. The Callico’s were planning a ski weekend already and decided to try and beat the snowstorm and come up the night before. They stayed with us. It was so fun. The kids were up way too late (and so were we!). But, it was fun catching up with Brian and Jessica. Next year we’ll have to plan ahead and do a fun ski weekend with them.

Saturday February 21 |

Up early and headed to Keystone for a full day of skiing. It was demo day so Holden demo’d a longer board and Coda decided to try out snowboarding. I took Coda over to the learning area while Zach took Holden and Oliver on a couple runs. Coda loved the boots but I think he is going to stick to skiing. He really gave it a solid effort though. And I think he had fun trying.

Most of the day the five of us (Amelia was already scheduled in a lesson and Josh was skiing with another friend)  skied with Haley while Brian and Jessica spent the day at the magic carpet teaching Tyson and Joe. It was really fun. Oliver seemed a little off today. He would cry and cry saying he was tired, but then say he wanted to ski and not go home. We stayed until about 4pm., granola bars, cuties, and trail mix for lunch. After eating some leftovers for dinner we decided to go hot tub for a bit before calling it an early night.

Sunday February 22 |

Oliver is not feeling good. He feels a little feverish and put himself back to bed mid-breakfast. I decided to take Coda and Holden back to Keystone to meet up with the Callico’s again. It was so fun. Holden is awesome at getting on and off the lift and I can pretty much stay up with them. We skied with Haley and Jessica while Brian stayed with Tyson and Joe at the magic carpet. We skied with them for about an hour and headed back to the car. We got home around 1:30pm and Zach headed out to take a few runs with Brian. Such a fun day!

.   .   .   .   .

READING: level F & G books at school : The Rocky Mountains (AR Book Level 2.6)

LISTENING: Big Jet Plane by Angus & Julia Stone

WATCHING: Big Hero 6

MAKING: pottery in art class at school

FEELING: “ee-cited” for snowboarding camp

PLANNING: to do good at snowboarding camp

LOVING: my family

Holden // Feb 22

.   .   .   .   .

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