This Weeks Stories | Week 2 2015

January 5 | Monday

Lots of stories to tell for Monday.

The first thing Ollie said this morning was that the sky was beautiful and he wanted to go watch the sunrise. I couldn’t pass that offer up. [zach – instagram]

Thank you cards for Christmas presents. Ollie started with M’s card and he filled the whole card up with words so we had to get a second card to write in. I love that he is trying to learn how to write.

The story of the first lost tooth. You can read that here.

Last day of Christmas break. The boys and I went to the movies with YaYa. We saw Night at the Museum 3. We all loved it and had a great time. I probably ate too much popcorn!

January 7 | Wednesday

Last night, Oliver started to come down with a little fever. He woke up in the middle of the night and it was almost 105. I have seen way too many horror stories about the flu this year, so I decided to take him to the doctor. And I’m really glad I did. He ended up testing positive for influenza strain A. We all got on Tamiflu, just to be safe. Zach is headed out of town next week and he doesn’t want the flu while he’s supposed to be snowboarding and I don’t want the flu when I’m flying solo at home. And, it’s been awesome! Oliver only had it for about 24 hours and no one else got it. Phew!

January 8 | Thursday

Oliver hates the Tamiflu. He refuses to take it. We tried bribery. We tried force. We tried mixing it in with milk. Nothing. But, finally, Friday, I got chocolate milk from the store and he will take it. Crazy! I remember when Coda got the flu two years ago and Holden & Oliver got on Tamiflu we had to mix it with chocolate milk. Why did we wait until Friday to get chocolate milk!

January 9 | Friday

Zach is so pumped for his ski trip next week. He needed to get in one more good day to get in ski shape, so Josh and him headed up and rode all day in Vail. He said it was nice and blue skies all day. It wasn’t so much here. It was icy and gray and COLD!

January 10 | Saturday

We planned a last minute party for Oliver and his preschool friends so Ali could be there. We originally weren’t planning to have a party, but he is so excited about his birthday. Unfortunately, Ollie got the flu and missed most of the week of school. He was back to 100% but we had already cancelled it, thinking no one would probably want to chance it anyway. We decided we would still have Josh, Laura & the girls over and Kathy for some pizza and cupcakes. He was pretty excited and content with that. He even got some presents. I made these cute little Baymax cupcakes. Thank you Pinterest!

January 11 | Sunday

I’m on an organization kick, you know, being January and all. I decided to start doing the Fly Lady thing and A Bowl Full of Lemons 21 day organization challenge. We’ll see how far I make it.

Bowl Full of Lemons 21 day organization challenge |

Broncos vs. Colts | Sadly, they lost. But, we had a great time hanging out at Josh & Laura’s for the game and some football food. Chris & Melissa came over too, so it was a full house; six adults + six kiddos.

.   .   .   .   .

READING: Man’s Search for Meaning

LISTENING: Snowboarding Playlist

WATCHING: The League on Hulu + We Ride : The Story of Snowboarding

MAKING: Cookies

FEELING: out of shape

PLANNING: what to pack for my snowboarding trip

LOVING: snowboarding

Zach // Jan 11

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 1 2015

To help myself stay up to date with my stories and photos I’m going to try and blog weekly (or so). Here is a look at our stories from January 1 – 4.

Every year on the first, we take photos of everyone in the family. I started this in 2010, if I remember correctly. I love having these on the opening page of my album. I haven’t finalized all the details on my Project Life album this year yet, but I think I’m just going to go with the flow. I’m going to mix pocket pages with traditional pages. I’m going to get inspired with products from Becky Higgins, Ali Edwards, Liz Tamanaha, and whoever else I come across this year. I’ll probably design a few things on my own, use up lots of stuff I own, and of course, use up my monthly subscription to the Story Kit and Stamp.

January 2 | Friday

Today, I took the boys to the Children’s Museum. It’s been awhile since we’ve been there and they had so much fun! I think our new pass will get a lot of use over the next year.

January 3 | Saturday

35 days to sailing! For Christmas we decided to do a family vacation instead of presents. We did get each of the boys a pair of flip flops, but that’s it. And the boys are so excited! Today, we spent some time checking out the website, watching some of the videos and looking at all the pictures. Coda is definitely most excited for Guy’s Burger Joint, Guy Fieri is his favorite Food Network chef. Holden is excited for all the sports fun on the ship, the ropes course, mini golf, and of course the pool. We are hoping to be able to take Oliver on a dolphin encounter when we are in Curacao. He wants to be a dolphin trainer when he grows up, you know.

The Fun Ship

January 4 | Sunday

Zach took the boys swimming while I stayed home and worked on end of the year bookkeeping and tax stuff. YES! I’m already on top of the end of the year stuff. This is a big step! Normally it’s April and I’m scrambling. This year I will have my taxes done early. After they got home, we went to the mall and had Red Robin for dinner. We had to try the new tower of doughnuts. It was pretty tasty.

Aunt Kenz and Uncle Sean got the boys these super cute slippers. Sadly, Penny already chewed up Holden’s. But the other two have managed to keep theirs nice.

I’ll try and get week 2 stories posted later this week. As far as actual pages that I will finish, who knows when I’ll get that started. But, at least now, I have my stories and photos documented in one spot so it should be easy to put together.

I almost forgot. I’m also going to attempt a weekly-ish Right Now from one of us. I went first, here it is:

.   .   .   .   .

READING: Teaching Today & Go Small

LISTENING: OLW January prompt video {click here to learn more about the OLW class by Ali Edwards}

WATCHING: Craziness at the Children’s Museum

MAKING: Project Life 2014 catch up, I’m ready to get started on 2015!

FEELING: Overwhelmed

PLANNING: a planner (in need of daily, weekly, monthly scheduling)

LOVING: Ali’s Story Stamps, I’m inspired to create and document {you can see one layout here}

Michelle // Jan 2

.   .   .   .   .

How is your 2015 album coming together? Have you started yet?

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the story of the first lost tooth

Documenting the first lost tooth with Ali Edwards Story Kit

I want to remember

From the day your tooth wiggled just a bit, you were so excited and ready for it to come out. You would ask daddy to wiggle it daily to see if it was ready to come out. You were patient. But, you were anxious to lose your first tooth. And finally, the day came. Daddy said it was ready to be pulled out. You put on your brave face. Seconds later you had one less tooth in your mouth. You tucked it safely under your pillow for the tooth fairy. It was hard for you to go to sleep. You said, “I can’t go to sleep, I’m too ah-cited!” But, you finally feel asleep and good thing too, because that tooth fairy left you five whole dollars!

Holden, age 6 | January 5, 2015

Documenting the first lost tooth with Ali Edwards Story Kit

I knew when Holden lost his first tooth I would be using my Ali Edward’s Story Kit! I love how this kit has inspired me to document stories more fully. The class content for the kit is a game changer!

“I want to remember” stamp from Ali’s Prompts Story Stamp, you can still get the digital version here

“First” stamp and “The story of a first” chipboard shape from Ali’s Firsts Story Kit and Story Stamp

Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Peacock Feathers {affiliate link}

Border done with Slick Writer medium tip in black {affiliate link}

Journalling done with a Sharpie Pen fine tip in black

This will live in my 2015 Project Life album (once I get started on it). I plan to mix and match traditional layouts with pocket pages this year. We’ll see how it goes!
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Marian Garcia - Great post!

This Weeks Stories | Week 1 2015 » Table For Five - […] LOVING: Ali’s Story Stamps, I’m inspired to create and document {you can see one layout here} […]

This Weeks Stories | Week 2 2015 » Table For Five - […] The story of the first lost tooth. You can read that here. […]

One Little Word 2015

2015 #onelittleword

I can hardly believe tomorrow begins 2015! I’m not ready for 2015. 2014 went by way too fast. 2014’s word was More. You can see some of my past One Little Word posts here. I’m not great about posting every month. Maybe I’ll work on that for 2015.

I’ve been contemplating my word for the last month or so. Words like PEACE and CALM and FOCUS and ORGANIZE were just a few that came to mind. I have a lot going on in life and want to invite some STILLness into my life along with STRUCTURE and BALANCE. I don’t want to get overwhelmed. I need to prioritize and just start. I need to take things one step at a time.

And so comes my word… FIRST.

Every morning I want to drink water FIRST then coffee.

I want to eat breakfast (the FIRST meal of the day) everyday.

Workouts and running should come FIRST.

Be awake and alert to witness the FIRST of the day.

On the FIRST of every month, I will decide on some goals for the month.

Each day I will have a list of priorities and start with the FIRST and not get overwhelmed by the rest of the to-dos.

Document our everyday life FIRST on my blog so I don’t get overwhelmed by trying to document and create in my album.

and just maybe … Adventure and try new things for the FIRST time.

If you do not know about Ali Edwards One Little Word class, check it out here.

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Monica - What a great word for the year! And I love the way you’ve used it to set some goals.

Day 06 | Disney on Ice

Today, Zach had to work, so I bought tickets to Disney on Ice for me and the boys. Andrea came along and brought her niece. The boys enjoyed it. Even Coda, after throwing a massive fit about going, said that he liked it. I knew he would love it. I was glad we got tickets. We had good seats, and they were only $23 each. I probably wouldn’t do it again, it’s more of a one time thing, for me. But, really fun and a definite “you should go at least once” sort of thing.

I asked them what their favorite parts were. Here is what they said:

“My favorite thing was all of it. But my favorite favorite thing was the beginning part with the dancing (skating).” – Holden

Oliver – The end part with the fireworks.
Coda – Watching the skating. They did really good skating.

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Documenting December posts here.

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