Week in the Life | Wednesday

Photos | 10 total – 10 canon 5d mark III – Zach 03, Michelle 07 <– These are the photos that I will probably use in my final layout. We of course, take way more usually.

I’m allowing myself to just go with the flow this week. I guess we’ll see what it all looks like when I put it together for my album. I may hate it. I normally want it all to look the same. Again, I was inspired by Ali’s story stamps.

Here’s what’s real right now.

Big open spaces for the dogs to run around and for me to run. I love living in Colorado. It’s October 29 and it’s sunny and beautiful. We have so much open space and outdoor recreation.


Here’s what’s real right now.

I love fall. Tall boots and leggings. Crunchy leaves under your feet. Sunshine and crisp air.

Here’s what’s real right now.

Oliver and Ali are best friends. They are basically inseparable. Today, he’s having lunch at their house. I have the best neighbors. We’ve talked about moving to the mountains. But, we just can’t leave this neighborhood.


Here’s what’s real right now.

My guilty pleasure is bad drama on Hulu. Grey’s Anatomy, Nashville, and Revenge.

Here’s what’s real right now.

There are Lego creations laying all over the house. This particular one was built by Holden yesterday. Lego’s really have to be the best toy ever. It’s the only one that ever lasts and all three boys can play with them.


Here’s what’s real right now.

We have a sink full of dirty dishes and a load of laundry needing to be folded and put away. I just leave it there.

Here’s what’s real right now.

I see a full water bottle that I should be drinking, but instead, I pick up my coffee cup for a sip.

Here’s what’s real right now.

Being a parent is hard. It’s full of so many hard choices. Calls from the principal are never fun. Especially when we’ve been seeing so much improvement. I wish it was easier to visually see and know what his triggers are.

Here’s what’s real right now.

I spent a good part of the afternoon helping out the PTO fundraiser at the school. I enjoy the new relationships I’m forming with the other parents.

Here’s what’s real right now.

I love supporting Sevenly and Walk in Love. I bought this shirt during the Sevenly campaign that supported Autism Speaks.

Here’s what’s real right now.

I feel so blessed to be married to someone that is such a wonderful dad. He’s up getting them ready and excited for school every morning.

Here’s what’s real right now.

Game 7 of the World Series, whether you are a baseball fan or not, is pretty exciting to watch. Giants 3 Royals 2

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Week in the Life | Tuesday

Photos | 13 total – 6 canon 5d mark III, 7 iPhone 5 – Zach 6, Michelle 7

I’m doing something a little different today. Instead of journalling by time, I’m going to journal about a person. I was inspired by one of Ali’s story stamps from last month.


Today you had the day off of school. Daddy had a shoot and mommy had a Homes of Living Hope meeting. Since the meeting was at YaYa’s house, you came with. You spent the entire time focused on your iPad games. Today you were very shy. And not even just to the people that you don’t see all the time, but with YaYa and Pa too. You get that way sometimes, just quiet. Today you looked through the Target toy catalog and pointed out all the things you wanted; hot wheel race tracks, Paw Patrol, Legos, movies. You wanted lots of stuff. But, you don’t really play with toys much. You will play with Legos and you will play outside. New toys are fun for a bit, but they lose their magic pretty quick. You would much prefer to play outside (or on the iPad). After moms meeting, we went and had lunch with YaYa. Today you wanted to go to Noodles. You love the green noodles (pesto cavatapi). We shared. And then we all shared a rice crispy treat. Today you were brave enough to get the dessert. YaYa had to walk up with you, but you handed the lady the money. You were shy. But you did it. After lunch Ali wanted you to come over and play. You were grumpy when I told you that you couldn’t watch TV, but when I said Ali wanted to play with you, you perked right up. We walked down to get brothers from school. It was sunny and felt like fall. Today you switched back and forth between playing football with Holden and his friends and playing in the rocks with Ali. I love that you are content in whatever you are playing.


Today you seem a little grumpy. You were having a lot of fun playing football with your friends after school, but on the way home, you seem grumpy. Long day at school, maybe? Regardless, when we got home from school, you sat down and read your two books without arguing. The books are getting more and more challenging. I am so proud of how hard you are working. There are times you get frustrated because you don’t know a word, but you stick with it and keep trying. Today you had popcorn for an afternoon snack. Today you played Legos with Oliver for over an hour. Today you had fun watching Coda’s friend in the play.


Today you had your last appointment with Dr. Liz. I’m so happy to see you happy again. We’ve come along way in the last year. I have to credit the staff and support at the new school versus last years school. It allows you to be the great kid you are. You are awesome! Today you were excited to go see your friend from school at his Backstory Theater play. I love that you want to show your support for him. Today you did not get your full hour of screen time since you had homework, we ate dinner, and then we went to the play, but it didn’t turn into a huge issue. You weren’t thrilled about it, but you didn’t overreact. You have been growing so much lately. Today you finished the book you started yesterday. You are such a lover of reading.

This & That

I know I say this a lot, but walking to school is the best thing ever. I’m so grateful to have this amazing school a block away from us. I only wish we would have known sooner. Having all the neighbor kids running down the street together, laughing, and excited for the day ahead is such a great way to begin the day.

Oliver and I had lunch with YaYa after the Homes of Living Hope meeting today. Oliver even got brave and paid for dessert at the counter. He’s growing up too fast.

Finley is obsessed with tennis balls. He wants to play fetch, but he doesn’t understand the concept. With fetch you have to bring the ball back and actually drop it. He refuses to give up the ball. But, if you ignore him and go inside, he barks at the door. Such a goofy dog. Penny, on the other hand, could care less about playing fetch or tennis balls.

Oliver + Ali = BFF

Giant bowl of popcorn for an afternoon snack. Probably a good thing, because I tried to make one of those crazy cook-whatever-you-can-find-in-the-fridge-or-pantry meals again. Tonight, it was bacon sandwiches with yogurt and granola and some apple slices. I really need to go grocery shopping!

The boys always just throw their backpacks around the living room. We should work on that.

Zach took some individual pictures of the boys for me (see top photo) and Oliver just wanted to be a big goof. And of course, Penny had to get in and play too. I love seeing Oliver and Penny together. This boy loves his doggies. It’s crazy to think that before we got Finn, he was scared of dogs.

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Jessica - I love these photos! We are working on kicking shoes off and throwing backpacks down right as they come in the door. My daughter is actually the worst at that!

Week in the Life | Monday

Photos | 19 total – 8 canon 5d mark III, 1 iPad mini, 10 iPhone 5 – Zach 1, Michelle 14, Oliver 4

7:30am | so sleepy

I hate waking up when it’s dark. Penny woke me up to go out twice last night. The boys and Zach were all up early eating breakfast and getting ready for school. I heard them early, and the next thing you know, it’s 7:30. Oops.

7:38am | crunchy leaves

I love the walk to school. It’s so fun to see all the neighbor kids running and playing together. The sound of crunchy leaves as they run, skip, and jump down the block. (and yes, I quick brushed my teeth and threw on shoes and a coat to walk with them)

8:07am | work day

Zach headed out this morning. He has some video/photo work today and tomorrow.

8:23am | coffee + my bible

I wanted to go through my notes from yesterdays church service and add a little to the journalling bible Zach and I just started. One of my One Little Word intentions is to focus on my relationship with God. This bible allows  me to use a little of the creativity time I crave while connecting with Him. So far, I love it. I just hope I can stick with it.

8:50am | building forts

This boy missed his best friend so much while she was on vacation. They don’t have school on Monday’s, so they usually spend the day together playing at our house or her house. This morning they built forts, had snacks, jumped on the trampoline, and just giggled and played together. Ali also informed her mom while they were on vacation that she was going to marry Ollie when she grows up.

9:37am | work

Working for a bit on the Homes of Living Hope fundraiser I am launching tomorrow. I’m nervous! Bart put me in charge of putting together the fundraiser plan. I decided to put a project page together on the Colorado Gives website with an ask to sponsor a short part of the 1,800 mile trip. My hope is that we can get several people to sponsor 5-10 miles and share with their friends who will also sponsor 5-10 miles. A lot of people doing a little to make a big impact. It’s been really awesome to see this project up close. The high school students have done such an amazing job gathering both financial and in-kind donations to turn a recycled shipping container into a usable dental and medical clinic.

 Lets join together to transport the container from the parking lot to a usable clinic that Connexion Mosaico will receive and staff. The trip to Mexico City costs about $3.00 per mile. Can we count on you to sponsor a short part of the 1,800 mile trip?

10:55am | eat

Oliver and Ali snack on some apple slices with honey outside on the play set. I still can’t believe what gorgeous weather we have at the end of October. And today, is chillier, only a high of 55, then it has been the last week. I’m just now eating breakfast: strawberry rhubarb Noosa with banana Bear Naked granola and a whole wheat english muffin with Melt. It’s my go to breakfast. I’m obsessed with Noosa + Bear Naked. And of course, I’m still drinking coffee. I really need to focus on drinking more water.

11:26am | eat (again)

Zach’s home from his shoot. He eats a quick PB sandwich and heads down to his office to work.

Just finished up lunch. Yes, I just ate breakfast, but I’m heading to the gym, so I needed to eat lunch. Oliver had a Nutella + peanut butter english muffin, it’s his go to sandwich, with some “ants on a log” celery + Nutella + Craisens. I had leftover ginger curry corn soup and snow peas.

11:51am | lumosity

A few brain exercises while Oliver finishes up lunch.

12:08pm | art by Oliver

I leave my phone unattended for a few minutes and I come back to a whole lot of this.

12:12pm | ready for a run

I really don’t want to go for a run. I’m having a hard time getting motivated to work out. But, since I already schedule Oliver in the kids room at the gym, I’m going to make myself go. I just have to remember it’s always better after I finish. Right?!?!!

1:46pm | run over

My Garmin said 5.68 miles. My Nike plus said 6.40 miles. I guess either way, I ran for an hour on the track. Maybe split the difference and call it 6 miles. Meh, who am I kidding. I’ll take the 6.40 miles.:)I’m excited for the Pumpkin Pie 10k race in a couple weeks. Andrea and Laura are both running it, so it should be fun. Laura’s kicking my butt on her mileage, I need to get moving.

2:12pm | crazy weather

I guess I spoke too soon about the nice weather. Yesterday was shorts weather. When we left the gym, it was raining, well, more like an ice-rain. And cold! Brrr…

2:26pm | T25

Home to shower and then work a little more on the Homes of Living Hope fundraiser. Zach runs to the post office and then does a T25 Focus workout. Oliver plays on the iPad. Oliver loves to play on the iPad. He started playing this new game Subway Surfers.

3:31pm | bye bye rain

And now the rain is gone. Sunshine and it feels like fall.

4:17pm | neighbor kids

Max and Ali came over to get Holden & Oliver. Holden’s still at Dragon School, but Oliver went over to play. I love that we have neighbors the same age as our kids.

4:40pm | pick up

Coda and Holden do Dragon School (an after school program) every Monday. Coda is in Battle of the Books and Guys Group. Emerald was lucky enough to be one of the schools that got a new group that, parenting educator and author, Rosalind Wisemen put together. Battle of the Books is a fun book club for 3rd – 5th graders. If they read at least 7 of the 10 books on the list by the spring, they will be able to take a test. The highest scores get to compete at a district level. Holden is in Fitness for Kids and Math. Holden of course loves the fitness one, it sounds like they go outside and play lots of games that involve running around. He doesn’t tell me much about the math one, but he says he likes it. I think it’s just fun math, nothing too serious. Both of his groups are for K – 2nd graders.

4:58pm | homework

Holden is reading level D books. Pretty proud of how hard he is working in kindergarten this year. Coda has math homework every day and then writes in his journal a few times a week. He’s really good at just sitting down and getting his homework done, most of the time. Tonight is going to be a long homework night. He has quite a bit, and he got out of school so late because of Dragon School. This is going to cause some mood meltdowns I’m sure. He’s probably not going to have time to play Minecraft.

5:04pm | what’s for dinner?

We’re scrambling for dinner. I really need to get organized and have menus and shopping lists, or just food in the house would be good with a plan. Zach was going to go to the store, but we scrounged up a pretty good dinner. Grilled chicken with pasta and spinach. And of course, bread with some of those yummy dipping oils we got in Seattle. Also fed the doggies. Penny is now up to 3 cups, twice a day. Poor Finn only gets 1 1/2 cups, twice a day.

6:36pm | after dinner

Every one finished eating and we’re already all cleaned up! That’s impressive. We didn’t have many issues with getting anyone to eat either. Guess these crazy cook-whatever-you-can-find-in-the-fridge-or-pantry meals work out pretty good.

6:48pm | sleepy pups

Penny girl would not know what to do without her Finn.

6:50pm | storytime + bathtime

Zach read stories to Oliver while Holden takes a nice relaxing bath. After Holden got out, they read some more. They read for about 45 minutes tonight. Now, we should be able to get those library books returned.

7:16pm | more homework + Awana

Coda finishes up his homework and works a little on his Awana. This was the verse he was working on: Psalm 145:17 The Lord is righteous in all his ways and kind in all his works. Finished with 30 minutes to play Minecraft. It’s a happy day! I guess he’s moved on from Minecraft (I’m sure not entirely, but for tonight), he played Clash of Clans instead.

7:46pm | goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed dino’s bite

Tuck the little boys in, kisses, hugs, and prayers. Coda gets to stay up till 8, and then read until 8:30pm.

8:04pm | spaceheadz

Coda’s iPod time is up. Now, he can read for 30 minutes. He’s reading Spaceheadz for Battle of the Books.

8:34pm | just a few more pages…

Tuck Coda in and pray with him. Of course, he wants to stay up and read all night. He loves the book. He loves to read. We physically have to take books from him so he doesn’t stay up all night.

10:36pm | goodnight.

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Jessica H - Love your photos and love your timeline approach. Can’t wait to see more!

Week in the Life with Ali Edwards

Is anyone going to be participating in Week in the Life this week? I’m going to attempt it. I wasn’t originally planning on doing it this week, but last minute I decided to just go for it.

I just did a day in the life on October 12, and I haven’t been great about taking many photos since then so I was worried that it would be too much. But, then I decided I didn’t care. And in the end, I just want to document our everyday. This is a great way to be able to do that.

My goals for this week.

1. More words. I want to focus on the stories. The feelings. The things that are said. The dreams and hopes. The little things and the big picture. I’m planning on using Ali’s story stamps this week. I think the combination of last month and this months prompts will be perfect.

2. Less photos. I know, this is crazy for most of you to hear. But, I always feel like my week in the life or day in the life spreads have just way too many photos! I do not need 100 photos a day. I do not need 100 photos a day.

3. Better quality photos. I have taken far too many iPhone pics and not enough with the DLSR lately. Today is tough, because Zach is working and has both the big cameras. But, I’m going to try and get a few each day of good quality, editorial style, photos.

4. Add in a traditional page or two. I loved this page I did last year.

5. Get everyone involved!

Come back tomorrow (or maybe later tonight) for some words + photos.

I haven’t blogged about my past Week in the Life spreads, maybe I need to go dig them out and post, but for now, if you want to see more. Here is a link to a few of my Day in the Life spreads: http://www.table-for-five.com/category/day-in-the-life.

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Kristen - I’m participating! Your thoughts sound spot on this time. I could see myself burning out if I made up too many rules. But you nailed it for me “I just want to document our everyday.” And I feel like even five photos you love every day is plenty to document that and turn it into something beautiful.

Happy Week in the Life! You can do it. :-)

On Cherry Street | Reflections Kit

New to Project Life? Read this post on how to start. Project Life is a simple memory keeping system created by Becky Higgins to document all the big moments in your life alongside the everyday.

One of the reasons I love project life is because it’s simple. Here is what I consider a FINAL spread. Mostly photos, a few cards from the vintage travel kit and a digital element from Paislee Press (pictures + words No 13).

But, then I got a hold of the Reflections kit from Sweet Stamp Shop. They had this cute little fire on one of the cards and I instantly came to this spread and decided to add a little to it. I decided to add three more elements to the page to form a nice visual triangle. This literally took me 15-20 minutes. And I love it!

Here’s the card I stole the fire from.

I then just layered my three little elements on 1″ circles I punched form a piece of scrap paper I had laying around. It was from the Thataway paper collection from Studio Calico.

This arrow was in the Ahoy kit from Sweet Stamp Shop.

And then I used the word “love” from the stamp that said “in love with:” from the Reflections kit. I used one of Tim Holtz Distress Markers to be able to just color in the one word from the stamp.

Do you ever go back and add things to “final” layouts?

Here’s another layout I made using the reflections kit. Each month I do an introduction to the month before adding in my photos + stories. (You can see January hereFebruary hereMarch here and April here. I loved being able to use one of the prompt cards from the reflections kit to show where we are right now. Sometimes stories don’t have photos that go along with them, or you just don’t know where to add the story in the album. Using prompt cards like this one from the Reflections kit is awesome for these types of stories.

Here’s a closer look at our schedule for the month.

And a close up of the prompt card.

Thanks for stopping by!

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