This Weeks Stories | Week 6 2015

Slacked on my notes for this week. Trying to come up with what I wanted to document more then two weeks later is tough. I also took February off from Facebook, so I don’t have that either. What do you do when you get behind and are not sure what to journal? Here’s what I did for this week:

1. Look at all the pictures I took within the dates that I’m working on. Right now. February 2-5 (we went on vacation on the 6th so I have great notes from that!)

2. Look over the family calendar.

3. Check all social media sites for me and Zach. Facebook and Instagram are the big ones for us right now. But, since I’m taking a Facebook break for February, I’ll have Zach look at his Facebook.

4. Ask Zach what he remembers from the week.

5. Just wing it and not sweat it too much. I do an almost daily project life so if I miss things here and there I just need to be ok with it!

Monday February 2 |

Oliver wanted a picture of himself with his side-part on the front porch.

Richard stayed with us for a couple days. We got a sitter and went to see American Sniper and had some iPie.

Monday February 3 |

This kid loves hockey!

Holden is loving roller hockey. I think we might sign Oliver up next session too.

Monday February 4 |

More pictures of Ollie. This time wearing his favorite new Baymax shirt and unicorn beanie. He’s looking so old! I can’t believe this kid is 5.

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Personalized Kids Stationery | Affiliate Post

Have you seen the awesome personalized kids stationery from Minted? How fun are they. Here are a few of my favorites. I really want to get something for Oliver to write letters to his best friend who just moved. And I’m always looking for more fun ways to get Coda on board with writing. Click any of the photos below to see more.

These first two are on my short list. I think I might just order them. I’m just trying to decide if I want to get one for each of the three boys or if I want to personalize it with “Wear Boys” instead of their individual names.

Which Minted kids stationery is your favorite?

I could definitely see Coda get into this one. He would love the decoding.

Personalized Children's Stationary from Minted
Personalized Children's Stationary from Minted

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This Weeks Stories | Week 5 2015

Monday January 26 |

Major workouts today! Oliver rode his bike while Zach and I took advantage of the nice day and went for a run after we dropped the big ones off at school. After our run, I did my Daily Burn workout (x2 since I skipped Saturday’s workout, I had to play catchup).

Ollie and his crew.

Holden started roller hockey today. He was so excited. He got all of his hockey gear on, grabbed his bag and skates, walked out to the car saying, “I’m so ah-cited!” with the biggest grin on his face. That boy loves hockey!

Went and saw Wild with Kathy tonight. It was so good. I want to read the book now.

Tuesday January 27 |

Playing catch up on work stuff today. Getting some HOLH work done. Catching up on bookkeeping. Zach took Coda and Oliver to their doctor appointment today. Both of them are healthy!

Oliver | height: 3′ 8.75″ weight: 49 lb 9.6oz

Coda | height: 4′ 4.5″weight: 78 lb 3.2oz

Zach took Holden & Oliver to go play roller hockey. I’m loving this gorgeous weather!

Went to the Container Store after dinner tonight. Looking at getting a closet organization system for our master closet. Just not sure what we want to do. The Elfa system is over $700 and that’s with the 30% off.

Wednesday January 28 |

The preschool class took a walking field trip to the bowling alley today. I decided to go along with them. Oliver had so much fun. Mrs. Kim was so impressed with his bowling skills.

Thursday January 29 |

Time to start thinking about packing. 9 days to cruising. Only 8 days till we leave on our trip. Yikes! Need to make sure we have everything we need. Must start a list.

Thursday afternoons I volunteer in Holden’s Kindergarten class. I usually take Oliver with me. He likes to go in and do some of the literacy activities with the kids I’m working with. Today we worked on rhyming words. On our walk home, Oliver starts saying different words that rhyme. He then says, “Brrr, her. You are a her. (points to me) I’m a brrr. (wraps his arms around himself and shivers)”

Haircut day for me and Coda!

Facetime date with Ali.

We gather because… Tonight I headed up to Kathy’s to watch the final episode of Parenthood. I loved how they ended the show. It seemed nice and wrapped up. But, I am bummed it’s over.

Friday January 30 |

The haircut after photo.

Crazy hair day.

This morning was a nightmare. I don’t know what happened. All was fine. Zach had to leave early to shoot a video for Habitat. They boys were all ready for school. When it was time to leave, Oliver threw a giant fit about leaving. He did not want to wear his black coat. But, he wouldn’t go and get a different coat either. Luckily Coda was having a good day and walked Holden to school. I basically dragged Ollie kicking and screaming all the way there. He was a little late and still crying, but we managed. And he stayed. Once we picked him up he was back to his normal self. Just a rough morning I guess. Ms. Peggy even said he did great all day.

Running was brutal today. I don’t know if I’m getting old or if I’m just out of shape. But… ugh!!! My knees hurt. My legs hurt. Everything hurts. I need to make sure I keep this running thing up before the Rock n Roll half in October!

Jason & Gina partner photog dinner tonight in Boulder. So much fun hanging out with these fun people.

 Saturday January 31 |

Major cleaning and organizing day. Started to get things ready for our trip. Got the linen closet and master bedroom closet organized. We can actually SEE what is in there now! I finished Carry on Warrior. Such an amazing book. WOW! Love. Love. Highly recommend it. Had this and this for dinner tonight. Could not believe how much Oliver and Coda ate it up! They loved it. Holden not so much, he didn’t like the quinoa so much. But he did eat most of it.

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 4 2015

Monday January 19 |

Happy 5th Birthday to my little Oliver. I can’t believe you are FIVE! I got a little teary watching your birth story again. No matter how big you get, you are always going to be my baby. At five years old, I can already see your kindness and your bravery and your determination. I always think back to the times when you and Ali would walk home together and you would carry her backpack for her. I adore that you are growing up to be such a kind-hearted little gentleman. We constantly get praise on what a polite little guy you are. Your teacher only has good things to say about you. We are surprised with your determination to already begin reading. I can see that you will always be striving for excellence in school. It wasn’t me that pushed you to learn your ABC’s or 1,2,3’s. Maybe it was your desire to do everything and anything that Holden does. Or maybe, it’s just your love for learning. You love to do the crossword puzzles on the back of the kids menus when we go out to eat. And you are pretty darn good at them already! I hope you always cherish that love of learning. Holden is by far your best friend and you look up to him so much. Anytime you need something and we are not around, you go to Holden for help. I love that you have so much trust in your brothers. I hope you have that relationship with them forever, even in high school.

Five Year Old Birthday Boy

Five Year Old Birthday Boy

click here to watch the video: Oliver Thomas | Birth Story

Goodbye to the best neighbors ever. So glad to have met you. Can’t wait to visit you in Florida.

Tuesday January 20 |

For your birthday, we got you a Baymax 3d puzzle that you wanted. You were so excited to put it together after school today. I love watching you. You have such a great attention to detail. While putting the puzzle together, you notice the little things to help you put the pieces in the right place. You also like to count all the pieces that you have left. 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4 . . . Oliver, you are such a fun little boy to watch grow up.

Tonight we celebrated Oliver for one last time. Dinner at YaYa’s to celebrate with Pa and Great Grandpa. We had roast and mashed potatoes and green beans and rolls and strawberry-mush-mush. Oliver got some more presents. One of his faves being a Baymax t-shirt that he is insisting on wearing to school tomorrow.

I’m staying busy these days. Trying to get some work done for Homes of Living Hope, stay up-to-date on school stuff (taking one class this 8 week session at Regis), find time to workout (going strong finished my 12th day of Daily Burn today), keep my house clean-ish, and love on my family and friends. Phew… that sounds way worse then it feels. I’m actually feeling pretty good about the busyness.

Wednesday January 21 |

The moving truck was out front today. I’m so sad we’re losing our amazing neighbors. But, I am super excited to start taking more family vacations to Florida to visit them! Hurry up Kim & Joe and buy that big beautiful beach house of yours.:)Make sure we have a room.

Wednesday’s are our busiest days. It gets crazy around the house. Coda has Fun & Fitness at the rec center. Holden and Oliver are at Wacky Wednesdays. And then all three of them rush to finish dinner and then go to Awana.

Thursday January 22 |

The more I volunteer and observe Holden’s Kindergarten teacher the more I appreciate teachers. I’ve always been super thankful for teachers. But, this one teacher, she is amazing! Kind. Patient. Loving. Firm. Organized. She has such an amazing heart. Thank you Mrs. O’hara. We’re going to miss you next year.

Friday January 23 |

Headed up to Breck for a ski day tomorrow. It’s hard to believe we had NOTHING on the calendar for the weekend.

Saturday January 24 |

This snowboarding thing actually got a little easier. Oliver didn’t even have to say to Zach one time, “Do we HAVE to wait for mom again?” I can actually almost keep up with those boys.

Sunday January 25 |

Cleaned house and headed home early. Didn’t want to get stuck in weekend ski traffic. We left by 9:30am and didn’t have any problems getting home.

AM – Snowy and a grizzly beard.

PM – Gorgeous weather. Out for a walk and a bike ride. No more beard!

.   .   .   .   .

READING: Carry on Warrior | still need to finish Go Small but I really wanted to read this

LISTENING: iTunes radio pop station or Elise Gets Crafty podcast while I run

WATCHING: the last few episodes of Parenthood. So sad next week is the last one!

MAKING: Running goals for the week. 10 miles this coming week. Let’s Do This!


PLANNING: What to pack/ bring for our cruise! 12 days till we leave!

LOVING: the gorgeous day we had! It was in the 60’s. I love Colorado.

Michelle // Jan 25

.   .   .   .   .

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This Weeks Stories | Week 3 2015

Monday January 12 |

Budget! We started a budget again. Hoping this time it sticks. Zach and I sat up and worked on it. This time, I used Quickbooks and he put it in Mint. We’ll see how it goes. Budgets are so hard for me to stick to.

Tuesday January 13 |

I started doing some of my field hours today. I’m taking my first education course at Regis. I observed Holden’s teacher today. I absolutely love her. She’s such an amazing teacher. I’m sad it’s her last year, but so glad Holden was able to have her two years in a row.

Dropped Zach and Josh off at the airport tonight. Zach is so pumped for six days of snowboarding up in Canada. I am feeling super overwhelmed with everything I have going on this week, so I’m sure it’s going to fly by.

(most of this spread will be filled with some of the awesome pictures that Zach took in Canada) Here are a couple.

Cat Skiing - Island Lakes Canada
Cat Skiing - Island Lakes Canada

Wednesday January 14 |

Face time with Becky! So glad to get some time to catch up. I wish we lived closer together. I think I need to start planning my next NY trip or maybe a girls weekend somewhere relaxing!

Thursday January 15 |

Finished one full week of Daily Burn. So far I like it enough. I doubt I’ll pay the $13 a month once my free trial is over, but at least it gives me a change for the next 30 days. After that, maybe I’ll get back into T-25 or Insanity. I even went out and ran twice this week. I’m hoping to get in another run tomorrow. We’ll see.

Got to catch up and chat One Little Word with Jenni & Jessica today. That was nice to just hang out and talk.

While Holden & Oliver were at swimming lessons, Coda and I went for a little walk. It was so nice out!! I’m ready for nice weather again. I’m loving the swim lessons at Broomfield Academy. They are so good. These boys have improved so much.

Parenthood. Can’t believe we’re down to the last three episodes.

Friday January 16 |

Ali came over after school, so I took Oliver and her outside and got some photos of them. They are the bestest of friends. I’m so sad she’s moving. (see my post about the story of the first best friend here)

The story of a first best friend

Saturday January 17 |

Kathy and I took the boys to see Paddington. It was adorable. I think I ate way too much popcorn though.

Sunday January 18 |

After church, the boys and I spent the entire day at Kim & Joe’s. They had so many people come over to say goodbye. It was great. Kim, Ali and I even went out for Pho while Joe hung out with the boys and had a pizza party for dinner. I’m going to miss having such fantastic neighbors!

.   .   .   .   .

READING: The Son of Neptune for the 44th time

LISTENING: any type of music

WATCHING: YouTube Minecraft videos // popularMMOs

MAKING: jars in art

FEELING: happy

PLANNING: to sleep

LOVING: Minecraft

coda // jan 18

.   .   .   .   .

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